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    Free Gifts For All Warriors - Announce Your Gift Pack Now !!!

    Hi Vindictus warriors, apologize for the inconvenience of our urgent maintenance. We get several server trading inquiries on last week, but we said NO, then our server get numerous attacks from 2 days ago. After 2 days continuous hard working, we have moved the game to a higher security level server which also can provide fast game response. This maintenance was out of expectation and we cant make a prior notice. To express our sorry to all warriors, we will give a free gift pack for all players. Please take the gift pack with following steps:

    1. Comments your role name in this thread.
    2. Game Master will dispatch pack to all role under this thread on July 1, 2017.
    3. Role name comments in this thread is only valid till 12:00 July 1, 2017, Berlin Time.

    Thanks everyone and please don't hesitate to give us your comments to improve this game together with us.

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    IGN: Kaj
    Class: Kai
    Its fine, thank you for working, but at least give us some info on the forums next time.
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    IGN: Valkriey

    thanks for the hardwork mister.
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    IGN : ReL

    Make it fast

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    IGN : Jeanne
    Class : Delia
    Thanks for your hardwork
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    IGN : Haaa
    Class : Sylas
    thanks for your hardwork,thank you so much.
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    IGN: Sammy
    Thanks friend!
    Class : Delia
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    Join Date
    Jun 2017
    Somewhere in a black castle
    Ign: Discordia
    Class: Delia

    Ok you want feedback.

    Paladin Dark knight 10x or 5x Exp

    All breakoffs from bosses should drop normal way
    Or make some npc sell it.

    Everyone wants raids entry atleast 20x per day

    More Avatar outfits to be bought with nx cash, include all of them in the depot if possible

    Star upgrade item to increase the star level of items (it exists ingame already)

    Endgame accessoires rings, necklace and so on should be either sold for 8-10million per piece

    I know you want money but include atleast the clodagh dye ampules for 100k gold per piece, fusion runes for weapon 5million and armor fusion runes for 1.2m

    Include goddes grace for 1million gold per piece aswell

    Include the starter gift gear you get into npc for 500k gold per piece

    Enchant scrolls above rank A should not break the weapon and those scrolls should have 100% chance to succeed since they are still hard to get haha

    Private servers should be fun and atm its harder than on official to get any decent gear
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    IGN : Vzefflyz
    CLASS : Vella

    Niceeeee we will get the compensation, thanks for the hard work, and goodluck further xD
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    IGN :BlackbeaR
    good luck m8 ^^

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