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    Increase your talent and win prizes only in august

    Hello VindiWarriors

    ~ New Event for you ~

    Increase your talent in game and get the prizes only in August 2017
    1-31 August 2017


    Enhancement Elixir x25
    Premium Enhancement Rune x10
    Fine Rose Bath Soap x50
    Fine Honey Bath Soap x50
    Fine Matcha Bath Soap x50
    Storage Chest Expansion Ticket x1


    Premium Bath Soap x50
    Max Durability Increase Potion x50
    Goddess Grace Party x100
    Server Megaphone x50
    Premium Marketplace License x10
    AP 5000 Capsule x1


    Party Merc Recovery Potion x100
    Server Megaphone x150
    SP Recovery Potion x50
    Tanker Enchant Scroll x25
    Exquisite Enchant Rune x1
    VVIP Service Package (30 Days)


    How to claim your prizes

    1. Reply on this thread with screenshot your talent information, write your ign and account id (dont ever write your password here)
    2. sent your post link to our discord server channel #event
    *if you havent join yet, this is our discord link
    3. GMs will reset your secondary password for check your Char & Talent before sent prizes (do not login)
    after GMs approved it, you could create new secondary password
    4. The rewards will be sent within 24 hours after GM approves

    NB: - this prizes only for one character in one account.
    NB: - If you have multiple accounts, the prizes will be given to each account of your account but only one character in one account and don't forget this prizes cant be traded or shared.
    NB: - For an account before this event but it has reached a quiet professional you will still get all the prizes,
    The reporting deadline until the end of August 31st after that we will reject all request. Thank You~

    Site :
    Discord :
    Fp :
    Group :
    IG : @vindictusus
    Twitter :

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    ign : HooL
    account id : hooldda

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    ign = LoL
    accout id = signalci

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    IGN: Chtholly
    account id: aika1402

    https image
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    IGN = Altera
    Accout id = icehoneytea

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    IGN : Sigmund
    Account id : bewilder

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    IGN: Xienna
    Account ID: Xienne

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    Event Talent

    ID : wedayy
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    event TT

    IGN: RoseDelia
    Account ID: wlgns009

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    ING: Death
    ID: raxs98
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